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I love cock. I love everything about it. Cocks are beautiful, the various shapes, the variety of lengths and thicknesses, the rich and variable colors, the textures. I love looking at cocks. I love touching cocks. I love sucking cocks and I love it when a cock fucks me. The best part about cocks though is that when I am pleasuring a cock in whatever way it rewards me with a mouth or face full of delicious cum.

I said I love cocks. That's not quite it. I crave cocks. I am addicted to cocks. I can never get enough cock and cum.

It started by my reading stories in Penthouse Forum about bisexual activities. This went on for quite a while. Initially I would get hard while reading the stories and then I started masturbating to these stories. Suddenly I didn't need to read, my fantasies became focused on me sucking cock.

I finally could no longer go without experiencing the real thing. I visited a bathhouse. As I walked around the facility and then I saw a man on a stool with a beautiful hard cock dangling between his legs. I dropped to my knees took him into my mouth. At that moment I became a cocksucker. I had also rented a room in within a short time I decided to take a rest. I was lying on the bed, door open with my bare ass inviting any passers by to enter, both my room and my ass. It didn't take long and then, in that instant, I was no longer an anal virgin either.

What I didn't know but was soon to find out, I had crossed that line. No matter how much I loved sex with women it didn't compare to sex with a cock. The desire for cock quickly became a need for cock. The fantasies continued. Where could I find easy access to cock. Luckily, I found an adult book store on the drive from work to home. I stopped, went in, explored the various videos and toys. I found my way to the back area lined with booths. I went in, deposited my coins, took my cock out and started stroking my cock. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness of the room, I noted a hole in each side of the booth. I dropped to my knees to look through the hole.

There he was. Another man like me, watching his movie, stroking his cock. I didn't know what to do. I only knew I wanted that beautiful, hard cock in my mouth. Later I would learn to put a finger through the hole to let the person know what I wanted. This time though I watched. He turned and must have seen me looking. In just a split second this beautiful long, hard, cum filled cock came through the hole. It took my breath away. I touched it, I licked it, I sucked it. I must have been doing something right because he started thrusting his cock deeper into my mouth. I could hear him moaning. The next thing I knew I heard a knock. Being new I didn't know what that was about but in an instant, I found out. My mouth was flooded with delicious cum. I swallowed quickly so I wouldn't lose a drop of cum. He pulled back, zipped up and left his booth.

I went back to viewing my movie. I heard the door open and close to the booth next to me. Another man, another cock. I wanted more. Same story, it wasn't long before I had another cock to suck. After a few minutes he withdrew his cock. Oh no I thought. He leaned down to the hole and said he wanted me to come to his booth. Wow, what a great turn of events. I zipped up, left my booth and went next door. I dropped to my knees. It was so much better not having a wall to contend with. I loved the feel of his cock in my mouth and down my throat. I loved being able to place my hands around his ass and get him deeper into my throat. I loved it when I bottomed out and his pubic hairs brushed my face. I love having access to his balls, sucking them, while using my hands to stroke him. All to quickly I could feel his cock twitch and hear his breath quicken. He put his hands behind my head and thrust deeply into my mouth. My reward, a massive amount of cum.

Over the next year this became a regular stop on my commute. Then came a change in jobs. I'm now no longer going by my favorite bookstore. Fortunately, over the next couple of years, my new job took me to various cities across the country. I would always use the phonebook to find a bathhouse or an adult bookstore or an adult theater. So many cocks were sucked in so many places and those will be stories for another time. The pattern was always the same. Arrive in the city, check in to the hotel, find the phone book, and locate cocks to fill my needs and cravings. It didn't matter who he was, it only mattered that he had a hard cum filled cock ready for my mouth.

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